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The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Back Pain, Plus 3 Different Healing Methods

Back pain is a significant problem in the US. 65 million Americans reported a recent episode of back pain, while 16 million adults experience chronic, persistent back pain.

These numbers are much too high—the last one being 8 percent of the adult population. And those with back pain experience loss of work, loss of enthusiasm, and limited activity levels. This issue also contributes to $12 billion per year in back pain management.

Physical therapy for back pain offers a solution that empowers individuals with education on how to manage their back pain properly. It gives people the necessary tools and the information needed to treat their pain and perhaps even reverse it.

Are you tired of feeling downhearted about your back pain? Sick of missing out on work or fun activities?

Here, we discuss how working with an expert physical therapist (PT) is a great solution.  We also highlight three other methods for giving you the relief you deserve.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Back Pain

With lower back pain being such a collective experience for Americans, the expertise of a skilled physical therapist is more in demand than ever.

Physical therapists provide highly customized healthcare that’s aimed at giving you the education you need to heal. With PT, you’re an active part of your recovery. You work in conjunction with your Physical Therapist to establish an approach that’s unique to you and your body.

Physical Therapists provide just that—skilled Physical Therapy.

Their treatments strengthen, increase mobility and range of motion while improving balance and helping to reduce pain. They teach specific exercises and aerobic activities that will keep your body mobile and fluid.

All of this means less stiffness, less pain, and less risk of injury or falling.

There are many specialties in Physical Therapy, further providing patients with personalized healthcare. Just a few of their treatments include:

  • Manual therapy
  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Specific therapeutic exercise training, balance and conditiong
  • Motor point stimulation
  • Muscle re-education
  • Manual stretching

And more—providing you with an experience that’s customized. There are specialized protocols like Parkinson’s LSVT BIG Training.  Dr. Renee’ F.  Golson, DPT of Renata Well Spa is a specialist in the LSVT BIG Program.

Using physical therapy is also better for your healthcare spending.   A study found that when using PT as a first-time treatment option, resulted in 72 percent fewer costs in the first year for the patient! That’s a significant savings.

Seeking the expertise of a Physical Therapist for back pain concerns is a fantastic choice. It may even reduce the need for surgery or continued visits. Once your Physical Therapist deems you ready to transition to an independent home exercise program, you will have the tools your need to continue your program.  Your Physical Therapist is also always open to you checking back in for further advancement of your presecribed home exercise program.

Once your pain symptoms improve, there are more complimentary activities that will help progress your overall recovery.  The following healing methods are great ways of staying active and healthy year-round!

3 Other Complimentary Healing Methods

The following methods of healing are great for those with back pain.

Working with an expert Physical Therapist will pave the way for all of these to be an even better experience.

Remember to listen to your body and do not push your edge when you have back pain. If you’re trying a gentle yoga class or receiving a massage, and you feel you’ve reached your edge, pull back or speak up. Until you’ve healed (and after), it’s imperative to listen to your body.

1. Massage

Massage therapy,  comes in a variety of styles, helping you get a customized experience.

Some common types of massage are

  • Deep tissue—More direct pressure to relieve chronic pain or limited mobility
  • Therapeutic massage—Targets areas of concern with light to medium pressure
  • Muscle melt—Uses heat, like hot towels, and healing balms to alleviate tension and fatigue to provide relaxation

Massage therapists talk with you to discuss points of pain or tightness or lack of mobility. They use therapeutic techniques to relieve stress and chronic aches.

Massage has several benefits to people with back pain, such as

  • Increased blood flow and circulation—This brings nutrients to your muscles and tissues
  • Aids in recovery of muscle soreness
  • Decreases muscle tension, improving mobility, and reducing the pain caused by tightness
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases endorphin levels

Many people with back pain have anxiety or depression about their pain, and massage can help release “feel-good” endorphins in their brain.

2. Dry Heat Therapy with Infrared Sauna

Dry heat with Infrared also has several benefits for those with back pain.

Heat and Infrared waves boost circulation, which provides nutrients to the muscles. This circulation improvement repairs damaged tissues, reduces inflammation, and helps relieve stiffness.

Options for dry heat therapy include

  • Use of heating pads
  • Visiting an infrared sauna
  • Receiving a hot stone massage

Pain management Physical Therapists regularly incorporate infrared heat into their pain management plans due to its therapeutic effects.

3. Yoga & Stretching

People experiencing back pain are perfect candidates for gentle or restorative yoga.

Not only does yoga promote body awareness, which is crucial to pain management, but it allows you to regulate imbalances and relieve tension.

Here are a few great poses for back pain:

  • Cat/cow—Starting all on fours and moving your spine through flexion and extension
  • Downward-facing dog
  • Sphinx pose—A gentle backbend from your stomach that resembles a Sphinx shape
  • Bridge—A gentle lifting of your buttocks as you lie on your back; also a slight inversion (heart above head). Helps to stretch and strengthen the spine

When you consult with your expert Physical Therapist, you might be instructed in many of these postures and poses as deemed appropriate!

Get Your Life Back!

Back pain is an unfortunate health condition that also happens to be sixth-most costly.  Please be proactive and immediate in seeking an evaluation from a skilled Doctor of Physical Therapy to ease your back pain.  You will save time, money and get back to the life you love sooner.

Renata Well Spa is “where health and healing happen”. We care about your well-being and offer experts with years of experience in movement, mobility, strengthening, stretching and soft tissue mobilization and massage.

Contact us today to relax, refresh, recharge—and begin your journey to wellness.