Physical Therapy

At Renata Well Spa, we are dedicated to whole body health. It is impossible to relax and enjoy a massage, facial or session in our infrared sauna, when you have aches and pains that go beyond just the normal daily wear and tear. We provide hands-on, research-driven physical therapy treatments that are unique to your condition, mobility, age and pain levels. 

Physical Therapy Evaluation & Treatment

The Doctor of Physical Therapy will evaluate your indicated area of concern and progress to education and treatment during the treatment session.  Direct access to DPT, no prescription required by Florida Physical Therapy licensing board.  Health Savings Account (HSA) use available and documentation provided as requested for self-insurance filing. 

(80 min, $120)

Physical Therapy Treatment

Customized treatments performed by expert Doctor of Physical Therapy. Treatments include:  Manual Therapy, Soft Tissue Mobilization/Expert Massage, Motor Point Stimulation, Cupping, Gua Sha/Muscle Remodeling, Specific Therapeutic Exercise training, Manual Stretching, Muscle Re-Education, Parkinson’s BIG Training protocol.  (Call Spa Coordinator to Book With Dr. Golson.)

(60 min, $80)

Lower Body: Hips, Knees, Ankles, Feet

Foot and ankle injuries and can be the most debilitating as we use them all the time. We all know that terrifying feeling when an ankle rolls, and we struggle to maintain balance. We work with you to increase mobility, strengthen the foot and ankle and decrease discomfort.

Chronic Neck, and Back Pain

Neck and back pain are the most common musculoskeletal diagnosis in the United States. At some point in our lives, almost everyone will deal with it. We use manual adjustments and exercises to increase range of motion throughout your upper body.

Shoulder, Elbow, and Wrist Pain

Elbow pain is most commonly found in sports injuries, hip pain is often associated with the effects of aging, and wrist/hand pain is common among those who sit at a desk and type for a living. We have programs to help alleviate all types of ailments.

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