Therapeutic Massage

Relax, rebalance and renew with this classic massage tailored to your specific needs. Your Therapist will consult with you to determine your desired pressure (light, medium and firm) along with any areas of special concern. For those who desire deep and more direct work for muscular pain, we recommend Deep Tissue Therapy, for best results.

(50 min, $75)
(80 min, $95)
(110 min, $115)

Deep Tissue Massage

For those who prefer deep and more direct pressure to relieve chronic pain and limited range of motion. Deep pressure combines a variety of techniques utilizing the advanced training methods of our skilled Therapists.

(50 min, $95)
(80 min, $125)

Hot Stone Massage

Renata’s highly personalized hot stone treatment releases muscle tension, eliminates toxins and restores vitality to mind and body. Your Therapist combines the healing power of touch with 9 smooth, individually shaped thermal energizing marble and slate stones that are contoured to the curves of your body, for targeted stress relief and unparalleled relaxation.

(50 min, $90)
(80 min, $110)

Muscle Melt Massage

This massage utilizes hot towels, healing balms, and specific massage techniques to alleviate tension and fatigue stored in the neck, shoulders, and back. A firm, energy-releasing leg and foot massage helps revitalize both mind and body, restoring a deep sense of calm and harmony.

(50 min, $99)
(80 min, $135)

Prenatal Massage

Every expectant mother needs special care and attention. Our specially trained Therapists safely relieve the tension and discomfort caused by the physiology of pregnancy. Can help the mommy to be with fatigue, headaches, and sleeping issues. Special care is taken to keep you comfortable and supported during your massage.

Reflexology Foot Massage

Experience a deep state of relaxation with this treat for your feet with whole-body benefits. A specially trained Therapist works on reflex points on the feet which correlate to individual organs and areas of the body. Please wear loose-fitting clothing.

Seasonal Special Massage

We offer a pampering Seasonal Massage every quarter at a delightful discount to spoil our guests.  Each special will consist of a 80 min Therapeutic massage including a specialty treatment such as Reflexology, Scalp Massage, Body Exfoliating Scrub, or another nourishing option of our choice each month. Please call us for the current seasonal offering! May is the Body Exfoliating Scrub with your choice of essential oils (lavender, orange, eucalyptus, vanilla and peppermint).

Sumptuous Body Glow

Dull, lifeless skin is instantly swept away with this full body exfoliation. A massage application of moisture-rich body cream leaves the skin silky, smooth and glowing. Select from: Vanilla, Coconut, Lavender, or Almond Silk.

(50 min, $90)
(80 min, $110)


Personalize your massage experience.

Scalp Massage

(10 min, $15)

Let all your cares melt away with a scalp massage. Take a break and go find your “happy” place. We will leave you there until you must return…

Foot "Scrub & Rub"

(10 min, $20)

The ultimate way to pamper your feet. Exfoliate your  feet with a sensuous salt and sugar scrub, warm steam towels and delightful foot massage. Your feet will feel light as air as you float through this experience!

Blissful Hand Massage

(10 min, $15)

Your hands work so hard. Time to pamper them with a Blissful Hand Massage that will exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate them. Relax your hands and feel them float away into bliss.


(5 min, $10)

Give your senses a good soothing. Drift away withyour chosen favorite sensual aromatherapy scentthat carries you away to your favorite quite place!

Hot Stone Enhancement

(5 min, $15)

Add a Hot Stone Treatment to any Massage Above. . .

Massage Membership Program

Sign up with our Guest Services Coordinator  at 904-770-5021 to learn about the benefits and discounts available for the Renata Well Spa Membership Program.


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