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Reward Yourself with a Massage or Facial (Non-Food Rewards)

Stress-induced illnesses such as anxiety disorders are rising in the United States. Forty million adults ages 18 and older in the United States have some connection to an anxiety disorder. That is approximately 18 percent of the population every year.

Psychiatrists and counselors across the nation are looking at holistic solutions for this growing problem. For example, massage or facial treatments have become more than a luxury. They’re an essential part of treating illnesses and maintaining a healthy body.

Keep reading to learn about all health benefits of massages and facials.

The Benefits of a Massage or Facial

The health industry includes more than medical clinics and hospitals. Spas now qualify as valid ways to stay healthy overall. Once you experience a day at the spa or even just a few minutes in an Infrared Sauna, you can see the benefit of infrared sauna treatments.

Saunas are not spas, however. In the spa vs. sauna world, a sauna offers just a couple of services whereas a spa will offer sauna treatments, facials, and massages.

Here are ten great reasons that a massage or a facial can improve your overall health.

1.  Facials Promote Circulation

A facial typically involves a steam treatment. Warm steam causes the face to perspire. This combination of perspiration and warm steam systematically dilates blood vessels and increases overall circulation.

The increased blood flow to your skin, delivers oxygen to your cells.  As a result, your skin glows.

2. Opens Pores

As the steam leads to perspiration, your pores open up and natural oils flow freely. Open pores are healthy pores.

Open pores will prevent acne. Your body forms sebum, a natural skin oil that moisturizes your skin. This oil usually protects your skin and hair.

If you do not keep your pores open and clean, the sebum will accumulate and clog the pores, leading to acne.

3. You Sweat

Most of us think of sweat as a unattractive, but it is a necessary part of living.

Truthfully, sweat has an important function. It cools down your body and cleanses your pores.

Great facial steam treatments can lead to profuse sweating that cleans your skin from the inside out.  Sweat cleans your pores and skin, lifting dirt, debris, and dead skin cells.

So a good facial acts like a shower from the inside out, allowing your body to naturally rid pores of impurities.

4. Skin Care Products are More Effective

Dirt and debris act as a barrier to absorption of healthy skin care products. When you bathe your face with a steaming facial, the sweat produced helps clean off the barrier of dirt and debris. When you wipe off the sweat, you remove both the sweat and this harmful barrier.

As a result, healthy skin care products work more effectively. The steam opens pores and makes skin more permeable. Cleansers and moisturizers work more effectively on the skin that absorbs them.

5. Removes Old Makeup

You may have a high-quality, expensive make-up remover cream. Even so, every cleanser leaves makeup residue behind. A good facial will remove the makeup that your remover misses.

In the end, you’ll have clean and glowing skin!

6. Relieves Sinus Pain

Sinus congestion hurts. It creates pressure around your eyes, in your forehead, and even into your jaw. It will distract you from work and even drive some individuals to bed.

A steam facial, especially when accompanied by essential oils, can clear up your sinuses and ultimately relieves sinus pain.

Sinus pain typically stems from swollen sinus passages combined with thick mucus. Steam moistens the air and dry sinus passages. It thins out mucus, thereby relieving pressure.

Additionally, a facial combined with a massage will lead to great sinus pain relief. Light massage on your sinuses and neck, in particular, can release the pressure in your sinuses, leading to relief.

7. Alleviates Body Pain

Massage does more than relax you. It can alleviate pain in many areas of the body. Massage has moved beyond just a good “back rub” to overall body pain relief.

Most people think of massage when they have back problems. However, an experienced licensed massage therapist has a depth of experience to help with necks, shoulders, knees and hip joints, and all other areas of the body.

Often other conditions can lead to muscle pain. Massage can help relieve pain from a headache, trauma, injury, arthritis, and even cancer.

8. Improves Range of Motion

Massage can improve a person’s range of motion, making injuries less likely as well. An effective massage stimulates the circulation surrounding a muscle. This circulation then increases both oxygen and nutrient flow to muscles, making them more flexible.

A good massage will lead to fewer stiff muscles and just an overall good feeling. You will not only feel better, but you will be able to move more freely with greater flexibility once you’ve had a massage.

9. Alleviates Symptoms of Depression

It’s no secret that much of our world suffers from depression. This silent illness affects 16.2 million people annually.

Depression treatments vary from pills to counseling therapy. Massage therapy has proven to be an effective supplement for treating depression.  When you feel better physically, you can feel better emotionally. Touch therapy is an effective method for alleviating depression.

10. Reduces the Effects of Aging

Many older adults face health issues as they age.  Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and arthritis, in particular, present a difficult challenge for aging people.  Massage provides relief from the mitigating effects of these conditions.

Massage has proven to reduce the effects of illnesses often associated with increasing age such as dementia, high blood pressure, and osteoarthritis. Essentially, the positive touch helps patients relax and promotes stability overall.  It gives older adults more self-awareness and reduces loneliness.

From Luxury to Necessity

Past generations consider spa visits, facials, and massages luxurious treatments for those with extra money.  However, proven health benefits of massage or facials mean they’re no longer for just a select few. Everyone can benefit from a good steam facial or skilled massage.

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