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How Often Should You Get a Facial? The Down Low on Great Skin

By 2023, the global skincare market will be worth $190 billion. That’s because a perfect complexion and amazing skin health are goals many people try to achieve.

To help enhance skin health and beauty, many beauty aficionados get a facial administered by a specialist or an esthetician.

But how often should you get a facial? Here’s what we recommend.

How Often Should You Get a Facial? A General Answer

If you’re looking for the most basic answer to this question, professionals recommend a once-a-month spa service facial treatment.

But there are a variety of factors that influence this. This includes:

  • The type of skin you have
  • The results you want
  • What you’re already doing at home
  • The season (i.e. some clients experience oilier skin during the summer)

Some clients require fewer treatments and others will need to go monthly, maybe even more.

If you don’t visit a professional for a full facial, you can opt for a skin checkup or even a basic facial.

Different Facial Options

The amount of times you receive a facial depends on the type of facial you want or need. In short, not all facials are the same. You should select the type of facial that will provide the best results and that works amazingly for your skin.

Here are some common facial options.

Basic Facial

Each spa has a different name for this type of facial. It’s usually the first option on the list and is the most recommended for all skin types or those who are new to professional facials.

Basic facials aim to restore your skin’s health using gentle ingredients. These facials cleanse and exfoliate the skin while moisture masks help restore hydration. You’ll walk away with radiant and poreless skin.

You can safely get these facials once a month.

Moisture Facials

Do you suffer from dry skin? Are you new to anti-aging? If you said yes to either question, you can opt for a facial that focuses on moisturizing the skin.

Each spa uses different ingredients and the services differ. But each aim to restore your skin’s natural hydration and protect the skin from any dry breakouts.

These facials are also perfect if you want an anti-aging treatment but may not be comfortable with powerful anti-aging facials or have sensitive skin.

As you age, your skin naturally loses the hydration it needs. The facial will help your skin replenish moisture while combating aging symptoms.

Because of the gentleness of this facial, you can get this one once a month.

Rejuvenating Facial

This is similar to a basic one, except it’s a little more powerful. This is also a good option for those who want to start developing an anti-aging facial routine.

Rejuvenating facials don’t only cleanse and moisturize — they help brighten and resurface the skin for a youthful glow.

You can get this facial done once a month.

However, ask your esthetician what products and/or ingredients are used in their facial. Powerful ingredients such as alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs), retinol, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid should only be used sparingly.

Deep Cleansing Facial

This facial is ideal if you suffer from acne or have oily skin. This facial uses powerful ingredients to clean and purify the skin while hydrating the skin.

Each spa has a different deep cleansing technique; some may use products designed to powerful ingredients such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to clean pores and others may focus on gentle ingredients such as tea tree oil.

In addition, the facial may also include an extraction service, which is the process of clearing out excess zit-causing bacteria and sebum from the pores.

You can get a deep cleansing facial every month. However, it depends on your skin type and the results you want.

If you have severe acne, you’ll see the best results when you receive this treatment each month. If the deep cleansing facial focuses on gentle ingredients, it’s also safe to receive this facial every month.

However, don’t receive this facial if it involves powerful ingredients and extractions. This can irritate the skin. Stick to once every few months if this is the facial you want.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels help resurface the skin, correcting skin pigmentation and texture issues. The esthetician will use a combination of different resurfacing ingredients such as lactic acids and other brightening agents.

Since chemicals peels are intense, it’s recommended you wait a couple of months before getting another.


If you want another resurfacing treatment option, microdermabrasion uses an instrument that heavily exfoliates the skin.

This removes the outer skin layer, helping reveal the healthier skin underneath. It’s recommended for clients who want anti-aging results but can also fade scars and other skin imperfections.

Since this is an intense service, you should wait a couple of months before getting another treatment.

Other Factors to Consider

The type of treatment and your skin type aren’t the only factors to consider when deciding the frequency of your professional facials. This includes:

  • Your age
  • Your goals
  • Any skin problems
  • Your skin type
  • Your budget

For example, if you have sensitive skin, a monthly facial may irritate your skin unless the esthetician only uses gentle ingredients.

Older clients who want anti-aging results will also need to get a facial more frequently than a younger client who just wants to refresh their skin.

While every professional will recommend a monthly facial, it’s best to talk to your esthetician and see what they recommend for you. From there, you can put together a facial schedule.

Achieve Beautiful Skin With Our Help

How often should you get a facial? Whether you have dry skin, acne-prone skin, aging skin, or completely normal and healthy skin, it’s recommended that everyone receives a monthly facial.

But the number of times you get a facial depends on your skin, the service you’re getting, your age, your budget, and other factors.

If you’re based in St. Augustine, contact us and book a facial!