Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy for Guests and Members:  Effective January 31, 2019

At Renata Well Spa, we take the time to prepare for your scheduled appointment before your arrival.  We are committed to providing you all with exceptional service.  When a Guest cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another Guest from being seen.

Daily Appointments:

Please give us 24-hours notice to notify us of any changes or cancellations.  We understand that life’s circumstances sometimes prevent you from keeping your appointments, but if the 24-hour notification is not given, you will be charged the full amount of your scheduled service for the missed appointment.  We offer 24-hour phone message service to our Guests and Members that need to cancel their appointment at (904) 770-5021.  

(Example:  Your appointment is at 1:00 pm, cancellation must be made by phone message/conversation before 1:00 pm the previous day.) 

Services Refund Policy:

While we make every effort to make our customers as happy as possible, all service sales are final.  We are a small business and unfortunately cannot offer refunds on any used or unused appointments/sessions for individual services, service packages or service series.  

 Infrared Sauna Appointments: 

Non-Members:  Same day cancellations and No-Shows will be charged $15.00. 

Members:  Your appointments guarantee your optimal use of the Infrared Sauna.  Please be courteous of others and keep your reserved time.  We will make every effort to have the temperature & room ready for you, however, we cannot always achieve this ideal.  We provide 1-2 towels each visit, wash cloths & fruit-infused water with each treatment session.  At this time, we will not charge a same-day cancellation fee for our Members only.  Please call if you know you cannot attend at 904-770-5021.

Spa Together Parties and Bridal Parties:

We work closely with you to ensure that your event is fabulous, fun and fully customized to YOU! 

All reservations require a valid credit card to hold and the *card holder will be responsible for the full value of the reserved party should the Cancellation Policy not be followed.  To schedule the date of the event, 50% of the reservation is required to book the party ($100 is non-refundable).  The remaining 50% must be paid in full 7 business days prior to the event with standard gratuity of 20% added.   *If individual party participants would like to pay separately, it is their responsibility to provide the Spa Coordinator with their credit card information.  Cancellations must be made prior to 7 days (following posted business hours and will be charged a $100 fee) by calling 904-770-5021 to speak with the Spa Coordinator (no emails or voicemails accepted for cancellations).  Gratuity (20%) is added in both the VIP Spa Together Party and The Bridal Party prices.    

Spa Together Parties & Bridal Parties:  Smaller Groups of 3-7 will enjoy their party with a designated room (Tranquility Room or Languid Liquid Lounge) and the spa will remain open to other Guests.  Parties with 8 or more Guests will enjoy a “private” closed spa experience.

 I understand that my credit card details will be saved and used in accordance with the cancellation and “no show” policy.

Please contact the Spa Coordinator with any questions at 904-770-5021. 


**Cancellation policy is subject to change.**