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6 Reasons A Physical Therapist Is Your Best Wellness Expert

There are more than 247,000 physical therapists working in the United States right now, and the field is growing at a rapid rate. It’s expected to see 22 percent growth in the next several years.

Have you ever thought about working with a physical therapist? Many people assume that these professionals only work with people who are recovering from injuries or surgeries. That’s definitely not the case, though.

A physical therapist might be the wellness expert you’re missing from your personal care team. Read on to learn more about what they do and what they have to offer you on your wellness journey.

What Do Physical Therapists Do?

The goal of a physical therapist is to help patients optimize their quality of life through a variety of techniques. They often use a combination of prescribed exercise, hands-on treatment, and education to teach patients what they can do on their own to continue feeling their best.

To become a physical therapist, a person must first earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from an accredited program. They must also take a national licensing exam that allows them to practice.

Armed with extensive education and training, physical therapists know how to treat each patient as an individual. They don’t use cookie-cutter plans. Instead, they assess each person’s condition and movement ability, then put together a plan that helps them to move better, experience less pain, and avoid future problems.

You don’t have to wait until you’re injured or recovering from surgery to see a physical therapist. They can also put together preventative fitness and wellness-focused programs for anyone who wants to feel great now and later on.

Reasons to See a Physical Therapist

There are lots of reasons to consider seeing a physical therapist. These professionals have a lot to offer even if you’re not dealing with an injury. Here are six of the top reasons why you ought to schedule an appointment to improve or maintain your overall wellness:

1. Reduce Pain

If you struggle with any kind of chronic pain, a physical therapist ought to be at the top of the list of people you see. From back and neck pain to knee and ankle pain, physical therapists know what tests to perform to get to the root of what’s causing your issues. They’ll also give you the guidance you need to start feeling better as soon as possible.

2. Get Strong Safely

Some folks have concerns about the safety of physical therapy. In reality, though, it’s one of the safest wellness practices in which you can engage.

Research even shows that physical therapy is safe for those who are experiencing critical illnesses. As long as you’re working with a qualified professional, you’ll be very safe throughout the treatment process.

3. Improve Mobility

A lack of joint mobility can make you susceptible to all kinds of injuries. If you’re an active, wellness-focused individual, chances are you spend a lot of your time in various fitness classes or out hiking in nature. You might assume that physical therapy’s not for you.

Even though you don’t have any pain at the moment, if your mobility is lacking, you could be setting yourself up to get hurt.

One wrong step on the trail or one overstretched pose during yoga could set you back if you’re not working with a physical therapist to increase strength and improve your range of motion.

4. Improve Balance

Physical therapists can also work with you to help you improve your balance. The better you’re able to maintain your balance, the better you’ll be able to perform during various activities. This will also help you to avoid injuries now and as you age.

5. Manage Chronic Health Conditions

Physical therapy is a useful treatment tool for those who are dealing with chronic health issues. If you suffer from diabetes, heart disease, or women’s health issues, seeing a physical therapist could be a great complement to your other treatment options. They can help you develop the strength you need to manage your condition and feel well all year round.

6. Slow Down Signs of Aging

We all want to slow down signs of aging. While spa treatments can definitely be part of our anti-aging routine, it’s also important to slow down the signs of aging muscles and bone tissue. A physical therapist can develop a plan that helps you maintain your muscle mass and resist some of the physical symptoms that may occur when you start getting older.

How to Choose the Right Physical Therapist

If you care about feeling well from the inside out, a physical therapist should be part of your wellness team. How do you choose the right therapist to assist you, though? Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you begin searching for the right wellness professional:

  • Check their credentials and make sure their license is up to date
  • Research their specializations and find someone whose expertise matches your needs (for example, working with a physical therapist at a spa could be more beneficial if your primary goals are about prevention and general wellness)
  • Find out about payment options and what they charge per session
  • Read reviews from past patients to gain a better understanding of the work each physical therapist does

During your first appointment, be sure to consider your rapport as well. It’s always best if you can work with someone you like and with whom you get along.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Wellness Expert Today

As you can see, a physical therapist can definitely be your best wellness expert. If you’re looking to work with someone who can help you feel your best and move with ease as you go about your day, scheduling an appointment with a physical therapist definitely ought to be at the top of your priority list.

Are you looking to work with a qualified physical therapist who’s also an experienced wellness expert? If so, contact us today at Renata Well Spa. We’ll help you schedule an appointment so you can start living well right away!